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Teams' Psychological Edge 



A Team is a group of people committed to a common purpose that choose to cooperate to achieve a given goal. High performance teams (HPTs) on the other hand distinguish from the rest because they are constantly in pursue of the highest level of performance.

In order to achieve this, five aspects have been identified to play a major role in the success of these HPTs, these aspects are:

Intellect of the team: The application of existing knowledge and sharing it within the team to keep improving and the combination of knowledge through a continual iterative process of planning, implementation and reflection.

Feelings in the team: How team members feel about each other, and their team, levels of mutual trust and respect. Engagement with the team and how successfully resolve conflict.

Resilience of the team: Building on a positive momentum, team’s ability to perform under pressure and bounce back after a drawn back or change the direction when the team is in a downward spiral.

Leadership in the team: The formal and informal shared Leadership among team members according to the task and skills of members, the shared and agreed vision of the team and leading by example of the key people in the team.

Communication in the team: The quality and timing in sharing the four aspects above that allows members to coordinate efforts to perform at a high level despite changes in the internal and external environment.


The five aspects above can be addressed by request in your team’s intervention bespoke programme.

Likewise, the following items can be part of your team’s intervention.

  • Establish Team’s vision, main goal of the season (collective and per team member), team’s strengths and areas of improvement and the specific areas (individually and as a team) to be addressed,

  • Cover the particular psychological skills that the athletes/players in your sport must have and the mental tools to improve and/or maintain those psychological skills,

  • Assess and explain the different personalities in the team and show the team members how to maximise the strengths and minimise the weaknesses of their personality profiles 

Furthermore, the following talks can be booked as a one off event for your team

Some of the themes to choose from are:


  • Concentration skills in depth

  • Effective self-talk for optimal performance

  • Goal setting and long term development

  • Obstacles to motivation and solutions  

  • Mental resilience and robust confidence

  • Effective nerves management

  • Relaxation and activation techniques

  • Imagery: how to use it effectively  

  • Balance between high performance and wellbeing

  • Emotional intelligence and high performing teams


See the different formats below


  • One-off session of 2 Hrs.

  • One- off session of 3, 4, 6 Hrs.

  • Blocks of 3, 6, 9 or 12+ sessions, 

  • Meeting once or twice week, or monthly, 

  • Bespoke format.  

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