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Coaches Mental Tools and  Mentoring Skills 



The traditional idea that sports performance was based only on physical preparation and talent, has given way to a broader vision where mental and emotional work is considered as a key factor for achieving optimal results.


That is why sport coaches need to understand the relationship between mind, body and performance and learn the mental techniques that successful top athletes  and teams have applied in both training and competition. 

The sessions below are for coaches from any sport. They will allow you to:

  • Know in depth the emotional aspects that play a crucial role in sport performance,

  • Enhance the use of mental tools in your practice,

  • Maximize the natural talent of your athletes and the physical strength developed in training and,

  • Learn how to manage nerves and anxiety in the crucial moments.


A special emphasis is placed on learning the practices to maintain the balance between high performance and wellbeing.


The themes are:

1) "Effective thinking" and its two components

2) The four psychological aspects: Confidence, motivation, focus, and stress management,

3) The four mental Tools: Inner dialogue, imagery, goal setting, and activation /relaxation,

4) Facilitating the process of emotional management with the use of coaching and mentoring skills,

5) Interaction between: Mental strength, resilience, "growth mindset" and stress,

6) High Performance Teams model, its five components and how to implement them in the team,

7) Case studies: Team sports and individual athletes,

8) Athletes ‘health and the five wellbeing strategies


See the different formats below


  • One-off session of 2 Hrs.

  • One- off session of 3, 4, 6 Hrs.

  • Blocks of 2, 4, 6 or 8+ sessions, 

  • Meeting once or twice week, or monthly, 

  • Bespoke format.  

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