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Individual Athletes Mind Strength & Conditioning 



Every athlete is unique, therefore every psychological intervention is an individualized progression of the tools used by performance psychologist. An important part of the individual  programmes is to explore the aspect called: 

Effective Thinking (ET).


ET can be applied to any aspect of human performance (business, education, performing arts, military, Etc.), not only in sport. ET consists of two groups of abilities made by four aspects each.


The first group is defined as Psychological Factors, which have four elements:


a) Confidence: believing in your ability to complete tasks and reach goals,

b) Motivation: moving toward your goals despite the internal and external obstacles,

c) Focus: selecting, directing and sustaining a focus of attention,

d) Arousal regulation: keeping cool (or activated) and thinking rationally under pressure.


The second group is known as: Mental (or psychological) Tools which encompass the following:


a) Self-talk: talking constructively to you to assist the successful completion of a task,

b) Goal Setting: desiring to attain a specific level of ability on a given task,

c) Imagery: using all your senses to create or recreate an experience,

d) Relaxation / Activation: reducing or energizing the physical and/or mental state.


The eight items above are skills that, as in any other skill, they can be learned and/or improved.


In the individualize programme, together we will explore in depth how you use those eight aspects in your training and competition and assess which ones are the strong ones and the ones to be underpinned.


Plus working on strengthening: inner resilience, a growth mindset and autopilot strategies when you are under pressurized situations.


Check the formats below.


  • Blocks of 3, 6, 9 or 12+ sessions, 

  • Meeting once or twice a week, or monthly, 

  • Bespoke format,

  • Face to face, by phone call, via  Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram video.   

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