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Noe has helped hundreds of clients  to achieve their objectives with his natural patience, vast experience and genuine desire  to get the very best out of the people. He works using a personalized approach, applying tools from Performance, Sport, and Exercise Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Personality Typologies, and for the Technical Coaching from SwimSmooth, ChiRunning, and Alexander Technique approaches among many others. 

Rachel Hallam,

Multiple Ironman Champion in the AG 30-34 and Overall

AG winner in IM Cozumel   

“Noe you are a fantastic coach who I have the utmost respect for

and certainly greatly value the work you did with me both in

physical training terms and mindset. Thank you!"




Given by Ian Loades, former OxfordTri Chairman, who put us in contact.


“...Rachel did some Elite Tri and Cycling, after a year away from Tri due to work commitments now is getting back into Tri with a view to the AG Olympic Distance in the London Worlds Championships 2013... 

...She is a really nice and modest person with bags of talent.  I thought you could help her.

I know you are great coach and very personable so think it could be a good match”



Challenges and opportunities

A very busy woman living in Oxfordshire, as a sheep farmer, her work involves a daily heavy load of physical activity plus several admin hours. She had limited time to fit Triathlon training.

She is physically a very strong athlete, with a highly competitive mindset. Managing appropriate recovery time, quality of training and incorporating mental tools to manage potential tension and expectations were the priorities.  




After an initial exploration of her schedule and the physical nature and impact of her work, checking family support and screening her sport psychology tools and personality profile, physiology tests to set markers and training zones took place, as well as 1-2-1 swim sessions.  We set to qualify for the Worlds Champs firstly and then pursue a podium finish.




-Being crowned as National Champion -and then qualifying for the Worlds- in a highly competitive AG 25-29 (following a nasty crash on the bike a few days before!)

-Based on rivals times comparison all was set to achieve a podium finish at the Champs; sadly two days before the race she caught a nasty cold and did a courageous race in a chilly morning arriving in 2:03:01 in a very respectable 6th in the World.   

-Her approach to racing is now a powerful combination of strong will to win and a deep focus on her own performance. She regulates skilfully her levels of arousal by using breathing techniques and incorporating pre-race visualization practice, she has developed an even stronger mental toughness.


Oxford University Women Volleyball Club

Team in the Big 8 League - Highest level in England Volleyball

“Noe was wonderful to work with, was clearly committed to helping us move our game forward, and took pleasure in seeing us succeed. A wonderful experience all round. I would highly recommend working with him!”

Beth Bosiak, Setter

Background and Aim

Given via email by the Club Captain, Ania Scigala, MSc


”...I had a little think about you providing some coaching for my Oxford University volleyball team - we seem to have a lot of skill on court and very talented players but I think we need some gelling as a team and psychological resistance when things on court are not exactly how we would like them to be, and that's where I think your help would be very useful! Especially this year when we are trying for promotion to the 1 League...

...I spoke to some players about it and our coach and they think it is a good idea”



Challenges and opportunities

We had only one month before playing for the promotion to League 1. Players had limited available time to get together, complicated and conflicting time tables and numerous different nationalities.

However, the team and lead coach were very keen and open to try the psychological intervention and willing to have a continuous intervention that could be extended for a number of months.    



The intervention started by watching videos of past games, a covert observation of the team and coaching staff in practice, and an interview with the lead coach to get more information and sharing my  findings. Then a thorough assessment of the different personalities in the team and the individual psychological and mental skills was done.

Coaches (partially) and athletes took circa 20 hours of seminars/workshops where we established the group vision, and individually and as a group: the main goal of the season, strengths, and areas of improvement, specific actions and behaviors, and finally athletes were systematically trained in the use of mental tools.



After not achieving promotion in the first attempt, in my second season with them, the team not only achieved promotion to Division 1, but excelled in nearly all its games and in the finals. Once in Div. 1, they’ve continued performing at a very high standard.

Moreover, the players who in the off-season play beach volleyball have used all the learned mental skills repertoire to win their tournaments, as well as applying these performing skills to their academic, professional and personal life.      

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